Malloy Industries

Hi! I'm Mike.

I'm a seasoned professional with 14+ years of experience as a CEO, growth consultant, coach, systems architect, motivational mentor, accountability buddy, traveling salesman, startup advisor, program director, entrepreneur-in-residence, adjunct professor, and nationals-caliber ultimate frisbee coach.

Malloy Industries helps growth-stage companies scale their business to 8-figures. Founders don't have time to recruit, interview, vet, hire, and onboard full-time employees. Companies collaborate with vetted, trustworthy independent contractors and professional service providers for staff augmentation and advisory services to achieve business objectives and reach investor milestones.

I'm a lifelong learner with a growth mindset who possesses a unique blend of technical expertise, interpersonal communication skills, and emotional intelligence.

My dream is to coach, empower, and nurture a community of leaders who will change the world! I spend my time with leaders serving them as a coach, and there is no subject we cannot broach. I have coached hundreds of leaders, entrepreneurs, mid-career professionals, 20-somethings, students, and ultimate frisbee players. My life is a total success because I'm now giving enough of myself and my unique abilities to help as many people as possible each day. I'm now coaching and empowering enough leaders for future generations to persevere, grow, and thrive!

Malloy Industries consults with growth-stage company clients to 10X their revenue from $500k to $5M and reach milestones for investors, so they can architect their sales strategy, systems, and processes for scale when they don’t know how to optimize their North Star Metrics.